Name change

Name change

You apply for a name change on with your NEM-ID. It costs 510 kr., which can
only be paid for with Dankort. Even if you only change a letter in your name, or get a
name you have had before, you have to pay the fee. You pay for the review.

Only exception is if you change your name in connection with your wedding

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If you are not born in Denmark, and have not changed your name in Denmark, we need to see some papers so origin and spelling of names can be verified.


Birth-/Christening papers from the birth country


Passport from the birth country plus Danish residence permit (both)


Citizenship papers - If you are a Danish citizen, and cannot provide birth papers.

(Danish passport is NOT sufficient, as it is a print of the information we need to verify)

Verification has to be in order before the application can be approved.

You can scan and e-mail the papers to us:


Lundehus Kirke:

If you do not have a Dankort or NEM-ID, you can print the form “Navneændring” from On the front page you click on the top word at the left of the page – “Fødsel” – on the next page in the top right corner, it will say “udskriv blanketter” click on this, and on the next page you will find the form to print. The top links on the page send you directly to, so you have to scroll down a little to find the paper form for printing. The form is filled out, signed, and is mailed or delivered to the parish office. On the last page, there is a giro card, with which you pay 510 kr at the post office. You bring/send the original reciept with the form to the parish office.

According to Danish Law of Names, you can have more than one first name, (which will be independent names unless you put a hyphen between them), more than one middle name (which is a name you can also get as a last name, a family name), but only one last name. You can combine last names with a hyphen, to make it one name.

You can take family names back to your great great grand parents. If the family name you want is not in your lineage in the Danish cpr-system, we need to see documentation for your relation to it.

If you want a gender based last name, your fathers first name as either middle name or last name, a newly formed or unapproved last name, or a newly formed or unapproved first name, that the parish clerk cannot approve, the application is sent to Statsforvaltningen, who has up to 6 months review time.

When you have paid for a name change for yourself, you can change the names of your children under the age of 18 without a fee at the same time.

NOTE that both parents have to sign for the name change for children under the age of 18. Even if only one parent has custody. If the child is between 12 and 17 years old, they have to consent to the name change in writing. 

When your new name is approved, you have to order a new Sundhedskort at This costs a fee of 180 kr.

The documentation of your new name you receive in e-boks, is not sufficient for getting a passport. You need a proper certificate, which you can order on or you can get it at any parish office in the country, if you show ID. If your child gets a name change, you cannot order a certificate on, but have to get one at a parish office.

You are welcome to contact the Parish office if you have any questions.


Name change – Wedding

If you change your name in connection with your wedding, and get the same middle or last names, it is free.

If you do not get the same names, it is an ordinary name change, which costs 510 kr.

You can change your name for free up to 3 months after the wedding. After that, you have to apply for an ordinary name change, and pay the fee of 510 kr.

Children under the age of 18 can change their names for free in connection with the wedding. If they are between 12 and 17 years old, they have to concent to the name change in writing.

The rules for names and verification are the same, as stated under Changing of names, but if you need to fill out a paper form, you have to print “Navneændring på bryllupsdagen” instead.

When we have your application, we let the wedding authority, at the place you are getting married, know that you wish to change your names, so they can write your new name on the marriage certificate.

Note that the names are not officially approved until you get notice either in e-boks or by letter.

If you are not married in a church, it may take a few weeks for the wedding authority to register the marriage, and we cannot approve your names until that is done.

If you get married outside of Denmark, you have to bring your marriage certificate to Borgerservice, and they will register your marriage.

If you travel after your wedding, and have not made passports with the new names, always remember to order tickets in the name that is in your passport.

When your new name is approved, you have to order a new Sundhedskort at This is free, when you change your name in connection with your wedding.


You are welcome to contact the Parish office if you have any questions.